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Specialty in landscapes - Digital retouchin and composition

Tomi Rovira

Allow me to introduce myself. I'm Tomi Rovira, IT professional and photographer since childhood. And now, a little about me.

Photography was not understood as art until a few decades ago. It has never been that way for me.

At the age of seven, for my first communion, someone was lucky enough to give me my first camera, a 126-format Kodak Instamatic.

Soon after at an uncle's house I discovered how a black and white roll was developed and how you could get your pictures on paper. Great.

Little by little I bought or sold different camera models until I got my first reflex camera, a Praktica LTL-5. Lenses, accessories, black and white lab, color development courses, studio photography with models, products and of course, reading a lot of books and magazines (there was no internet).

And suddenly the first digital camera models came out. In the early years I was an ardent detractor of this new system, swearing and swearing that the pixels would never be of sufficient quality to outshine chemical photography.

These ideas and concepts I had to end up swallowing with potatoes.

Now the advantages of digital photography are very clear, among them a very important one, learning is much faster, because you see the results at the same time as the photo is taken and therefore you can correct and try again until you find the result you want. Before you had to wait for the reel to finish, reveal it…

People, animals, objects, everything always allows you to get a good shot, you just have to look at what is in front of you, create in your head what is the result you want and then take out the camera and make the necessary adjustments to be able to reflect in points of light that image.

This art is so subtle that you can even photograph things as ethereal as the wind.

Go ahead and grab your camera, you have to be pretty persistent, but it's so worth it.